“Insurance of electronic equipment”

“Insurance of electronic equipment”


Upon receiving an insurance premium, the INSURER agrees to compensate the INSURED in case of the occurrence of a total loss or partial damage to electronic equipment which is owned by or is under the responsibility of the INSURED, or additionally contracted terms, clauses, and exclusions.

A mandatory requirement for providing insurance coverage is that the equipment is in normal operating condition, regardless of whether it is operating or at rest, or has been disassembled in order to be cleaned or overhauled, as well as during these operations, or during relocation within the location of the insurance, as well as during its subsequent installation.



The INSURER provides coverage for the following, which have been specified in detail in the Description list:

  • electronic computing equipment, including its peripheral and other devices, and its operating system programs,
  • telecommunication equipment,
  • radio and television equipment,
  • medical equipment,
  • measuring and control systems,
  • other electronic equipment,
  • information carriers which have been installed, passed the required trials and tests, and ready for operation.


The insurance is contracted for a period of one year based on a written Application-questionnaire by the INSURED.

The insurance premium is determined by the INSURER based on the risk circumstances and clauses upon which the insurance protection is provided, and is paid in full or according to an installment plan contracted in the policy.

The insurance amount under this section is determined based on the replacement cost of the insured property, i.e., it has to correspond to the expenses for replacement of the insured equipment, tools, devices, or facilities with new ones of the same type, power, and function. The transportation, disassembly, and assembly costs are included in the replacement expenses, as well as potential fees and duties.

The insurance amount is contracted so that it corresponds to the required additional expenses during the interruption period (no more than 12 months), and a monthly limit for these expenses is also determined.

The INSURER also covers the expenses for the assembly and disassembly activities related to the repair, the usual costs for transportation, and potential fees and duties, if these expenses have been included in the insurance amount. If the repairs are performed at a workshop of the INSURED, the INSURER reimburses the expenses for materials and salaries plus the usual overhead rate.

In case of a loss, the INSURED must promptly notify the INSURER, who performs an inspection.